Sunday, April 17, 2011


Every so often I like to have tea with my friends.  We have an amazing fresh loose leaf tea supplier in the town of Anchorage that we all frequent by internet or in person whenever we can.  There is just no comparison to tea in a bag.  While we have tea we talk of our everyday lives, of parenting, motherhood, the Bible, politics and anything else that might intrigue us.  We all try to chip in and prepare a goody or two and all of our children play....or try to drink our tea too! :)  I love this time that I get to spend with my dear friends and I missed it ever so much when I was away. 

Just a few of our goodies for the afternoon!

The teapots were my grandmothers and I am so happy that I get to use them like she did.  She loved to entertain and serve tea to her friends, so I guess the tradition has been passed down in our family.

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Mrs. Zwieg said...

That is SO beautiful! I am praying for friends like that...Bible, Politics, etc. How exciting to know there ARE women out there like that!

Your teapots are just beautiful, your post has given me a big smile for today!