Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hiking Adventure #1 June 14, 2011

We have started our hikes again this year and this time we have added another mom and two kids, and sometimes a 4th and 5th mom and some extra kids will be joining us.  We plan to do at least one hike/adventure type thing a week, but some of us are planning on doing more, when we can fit it in!  This first trip out the day was rather drab, and the rain was more than a drizzle so even though we might have thought about staying indoors and sipping tea....we were determined to get outside and hike no matter what type of weather it was.  We were headed for Hidden Creek Trail, but as we pulled up a bus with about 20 kids and 10 adults pulled up and unloaded, and we decided to move to another trail that was less crowed for the day!  Haha.  So we made our way to the Kenai River Trail, which could be about a 3 mile loop but we just made our way to the river and then turned around and came back instead of doing the loop, because of weather and the fact that we did not want to disrupt the rather good mood of the youngest 3 kiddos!  We all had a great time, and only 2 kids (Eli who is 22 months old, and his older brother Tommy, but only then 1/2 a mile) had to be carried.  There wasn't any screaming and not too many fights, which I find refreshing when you have 13 kids walking together!  So here is to the start of the summer and many more adventures to come!!!

The group of 12 kids + one not pictured here

Here is the other kiddo :)

preparing for the hike

a butterfly that Emma caught and later let go

downed trees from the fire of 96

the group hiking

Mason pouting because I would not carry him....luckly it only lasted a few seconds and he was back on his way!

I love moss

Crystal and Eli hiking together

Heidi excited about seeing the Kenai river I guess :)
Kenai River
Kenai River
All of us except Catherine, who took the picture for us
What a pill with that face....he was happy a second before!!
Look we are still smiling when it's all said and done :) 

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