Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clam Gulch Staff Trip

Yesterday Heidi and Mason and I went to Clam Gulch with the summer staff to relax and enjoy the sunny day.  Emma and Madison headed to Anchorage with Chad on the bus run and get back today at 5. 
We had a good time getting to know the counselors and leadership trainees a little bit better, and they all seem to love the kids!  Mason even played a little football :).

Clam Gulch during low tides is an excellent place to catch razor clams, and while I would have loved to find some to take home, I could not do that and keep and eye on the kiddo's.  So I will have to return for that adventure :)

Ben, our Wilderness Program leader, climbing the rocks

lots of staff playing in the water and attempting to build sand castles!

Mason,  well.....being Mason I guess!

Lots of motorhomes dot the edge of the beach, but this one was abandoned and was full of bullet marks and holes.
This is what is left of a whale that was washed ashore this can barely make out the was pretty disgusting!

Getting ready to play football!

Heidi stole Adrian's hat and was looking pretty adorable in it!

Mason playing football with the Torkelson boys!

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