Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Emma was away at horse camp all of last week.  For one of their activities they each pick a skill to work on throughout the week, whether it be driving our draft horses, showmanship, or manuvering around obstacles (called trail class, not to be confused with trail rides! ).  Well Emma chose to participate in the trail class, and then she competed in it at the end of the week Roundup.  I took the kids over to watch her ride, and of course Mason had to go potty, so I took him for fear of him dropping his pants in front of all the other parents and kids there and peeing....:) When we got out from the outhouse, Emma was just finishing her ride....So I missed all of it :(  She did really well, and I think she would have gotten a ribbon, but she missed one obstacle, partly, and had a DQ, so maybe next year!  I got a few pictures of her sitting on the horse waiting!

Emma waiting for her turn to ride.

Emma just finishing her ride.

Mason finding the tractor and insiting on sitting on said tractor!

Found a frog in the back yard, so I caught it and took a few pitures and then returned it to his wild grassy spot.  The kids are mad because I did not bring the frog to them....but I was thinking more of the frog and the fact that he would have been held and poked, and let him go instead. :)

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