Monday, August 01, 2011

Anchorage 7-28-11

On Thursday we headed to Anchorage to pick friends up from the airport.  They will be working at camp and visiting with us for the next 12 days!  We had the most beautiful day for the drive, and I am so glad, because now it has turned  cloudy and rainy.  Anyway back to the day....We picked them up from the airport and then had lunch at the Artic Roadrunner.  The kids played in the stream outside while we waited for the food and then sat and had a picnic by the stream! After lunch we took them to the Wild Berry Products store, and saw the reindeer and big stuffed bears!  On the way out of town we stopped for a much needed cup of coffee from Kaladi's and then headed for Portage Glacier.  It was a great trip except for the horrid drivers that seem to crawl out of the woodworks during the summer....we had some very close calls, because everyone is in a hurry and stop paying attention. 

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