Sunday, August 21, 2011


A week ago I was ready to go out to pick lingonberries, or what Alaskans call lowbush branberries.  The day was beautiful and the kids were wanting to get out of the house, so we loaded up and headed for Watson Lake, about 20 miles from home, with one extra kid (Jordan).  The kids were very excited to get in the lake to find fish and other lake dwelling things, but I was able to convince them that we should pick the lingonberries first and then we would have lots of time to play in the lake.  They agreed to my wishes, and we all set out in search of the berries.  On a previous trip we had stopped at this lake and found lots of them, so I knew they were there, but I found out the hard way that letting the kids lead we went further into the forest and the berries became less and less and the kids became tired of I let them go to the lake to play and I picked around by them.  In the 20 minutes that the kids and I picked berries I got 6 cups, which was enough for 2 quarts and 1/2 of a pint of jam.  I tell you what, trying to find a good jam recipe for lingonberries or under any other name that they are called is quite difficult.  I wanted to put it through a hot water bath to can them, and all the recipe's called for just putting it all in the fridge.  Anyway I think that they turned out wonderful, and I think I will go back out to pick more soon! 

The look that says "I am done!!"

Watson Lake

Climbing trees and finding lake life!

Lake creatures

All done and ready to head home!

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