Friday, August 12, 2011

Fireweed-Adventure #7

I have been wanting to go out and pick fireweed to make jelly out of it for years now, and I finally got a trip planned to do just that!  My friend Farrah and her daughter Luthien accompanied us on our little "fireweed" adventure.  We left around 10am and drove for about an hour, when we found the perfect spot by a mining road just past Cooper Landing.  We were able to stop there for an hour and between Emma and I picking, we got about 16 packed cups of flowers....which equals 1 quart of juice to be made into jam or syrup.  After we had finished picking fireweed we moved on to the wild rasberries, and ate and ate to our hearts content....especially Madison and Mason!!!  We all got back into the car and drove up into the pass by Hope, and stopped ate lunch, explored a little, and Farrah hid one of her letterboxes.  We then stopped at the rest area by the Hope cut off, and walked on the path to the old bridge, and hid another letterbox, as well as meandered along looking at the river below and playing.  Farrah and I are thinking that it would be fun to float the river on innertubes, but we will have to investigate that a little more!  After all that we jumped back into the car and headed for home.  We made one little stop at a lake called Watson Lake, where there are hundreds of lillie pads, and lots of cute little fish running around.  Farrah also pointed out that there were hundreds of lingonberries there, as well as blueberries, so we will be making a trip back there in the near future to grab some of those for more jam and syrup and stuff! :)  The day was beautiful with hardly a cloud in the sky, and the temperature reaching 70, we were so thankful for time out of the house and the friends we could share it with!!!  I was able to finish the day off with a piece of Farrah's homemade chocolate cake and yummy tea, and then at around 10pm a great swim in the lake as an end of the day workout!

With the fireweed came lots of bugs!!!


Mason insisted on carrying his own bag so he could fill it with "flowers." :) 

Luthien and Heidi spent their time racing about, climbing on rocks, and eating rasberries!

I loved this pinetree that was growing out of the rocks....maybe it could be my christmas tree this year! LOL

The old "Seward Hwy" bridge

Watson Lake

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, love the ones of the kids. I've always wanted to try fireweed jelly/jam. Maybe you'll have some left when we come around Christmas? :) I've looked around for some to plant in my backyard, but no luck yet. Miss you! ~Jen