Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playing Close to Home

On this fine sunny day the kids got out the bubbles that my mom had sent up and started playing with them.  We were sent a really cool bubble maker that Emma is holding in the picture below, and that kept the kids entertained for an hour or so.  The dog also had lots of fun running around jumping into the air to catch the floating bubbles!  In the afternoon, we went on a little walk down what is called powerline (because that is where the powerline goes), and found different kinds of plants to bring home and use for a craft.  We had fun eating the watermelon berries, lingonberries, and blueberries that we found.   Just a little excited about finding blueberries down there, because in past years the plants have not been producing any.  When we came home, we got out solar print kit out and placed our plants in various places on the special paper and set it out in the sun for a minute or so, then we brought them inside rinsed them in water for a minute and set them out to dry, and the spot where our plants were turned white, and the rest of the paper blue.  It turned out beautiful and the kids are eager to try it out some more!!!

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