Sunday, November 20, 2011

October 28th-Nov. 15th

We had spent the last part of October and the first week of November all sick with strep throat and so Emma had to wait to have her birthday party until Nov. 6th.  We did do a family party on her birthday and she opened all her presents from us and grandparents!  On the 30th of October we got our first snow, and it really did not stop snowing until the following weekend.  The trees were all covered in a blanket of snow which made for beautiful scenery, and then we had a big wind storm that blew down a few trees in our yard thankfully missing our house and the swingset!  It snowed some more, and then we had 40mph winds with gusts up to 60mph that lasted for over 24 hours.  We had several trees blown down all over camp and several power outages that lasted about 9 hours overall, and for some people around our community 24 hours!

Then the trees were snowless, which always makes me sad.  We have been playing catch up in school due to all the the sickness....The girls have also gone back to swimming practice every night, and Heidi and Mason are in swim lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The have Awanas on Wednesday evenings and every other Thursday is Kids Club, put on by a few staff here at camp.  We have been doing lots of Bible memorization and the kids are all doing a great job at it. 
To add to all of this crazy comotion at our house we have also taken in an exchange student whos family that she was staying with was having family issues and needed her to find a new place to stay.  So we got to take her in!  Her name is Cecile and she is from Belgium.  She has actually already graduated highschool in Belgium, but came here to work on her English.  It has been fun and challenging, and interesting to have a teenager and having to adjust our parenting to fit that.  She will be staying with us until the end of May!

early morning fog

moose in our back yard

Our new kitten "Sir Crush"  LOL  or OC (orange crush)

It's snowing!!

Emma and her friends out playing in the first snow!

Emma's new MP3 player that she has been wanting for forever! :)

Her horse stuff from Aunt Leah and Uncle Dave, and Grandma and Grandpa Fishbaugh!

Sunset through the trees

More Snow!!!!

The day to build snowmen!

Emma's birthday cake and birthday celebration on Nov. 6th.....complete with sleepover!

Lots of snow falling from the sky!

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