Friday, December 02, 2011

I know two posts ago I promised to get pictures up of all the work that the work teams did this summer, but now my hard drive is jammed and wont open, and the 3000 pictures that I have to sort through are on discs that were sent to us by one of the guys who was with the work teams.  Alas someday I will get them on my computer and loaded here for all to see!!!  I can'te tell you truely how amazing it is to see all of those people give their time to help us get things built and how great it really is.  In the two weeks that these teams were here, they built a heated well house for the barn, stairs up to the loft for the barn, a pavillion down at Wagon Train for playing under during rainy days, a pavillion at Lakeside for the same purpose, a vehicle shed at the shop, helped finish a temporary refrigerator/freezer unit until we can get a new one built, and tore down the old refrigerator/freezer and room above because it was caving in on itself.  So I have lots of pictures to show you, hopefully in the near future!

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