Friday, December 02, 2011

November 19th Homer Swim Meet

Saturday November 19th Emma and Madison swam in their first meet of the season.  For Madison it was her first swim meet ever and she was just a bit nervous about doing her events.  Emma has done this a few times, but she was doing a new event (the 100 IM which is swimming 25yrds of each stroke, butterfly, back, breast, free in the correct order) and she was nervous about that.  We had to get up at 5:30 that morning so we could be down in Homer at 8:30 to start warm ups.  Luckily it was a small meet and we got through each event quickly!  Madison did great and is excited to improve on her times in the next meet, and Emma is wanting to do better in her next IM since she did it a little wrong the first time and got disqualified or DQed!  Not so fun, especially if you win your heat because then you get a mini rubber ducky, and at this age they are cherished if you get them!  Both Emma and Madison came fractions of a seconds close to winning their heats to get that ducky, so they are practicing hard now so that when the next meet comes around (Dec. 10th) they will be ready!  December 10th is the next meet and they call it Sprints Championships so it is an extremely big one, with 5 or more teams competing against each other it should be exciting!

Emma starting her 100 IM

Madison starting her 25yrd  freestyle

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