Saturday, December 03, 2011

Birthday #3

November 21st was Mason's birthday and we had lots of fun!  Emma and Madison helped me pick out the cake design and then did a few of the frosting things as well, I think it turned out really cute!  Mason loves balls of every kind so this was pretty fitting.  He also loves trucks....and that is an understatment!  He got a really cute bowling ball set from my parents and lots of trucks, and a couple of books about trucks, which is he pretending to read in the picture below!  I love my little man and I can not believe how big he has grown.  3 years already!!!  He can talk so very well and is very particular in how he wants things done, which I am sure he got from his father......:) He has also become very independent and wants to do everything by himself, so if you try to help him it is the end of the world and he lets you know it! (much to the dismay of his mother!)  He loves his sister Heidi and they are almost inseperable, except when he is trying to punch her....then she doesn't love him so much....but otherwise they get along very well and do lots of things together!  He is a very sweet little boy and we are so blessed to have him in our lives!

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