Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunting

Every year as I was growing up it has been a tradition in my family to hunt for our christmas trees on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and I have tried to keep that tradition going in my own family.  Some years, though, I have bought our christmas tree from Home Depot so that I can get a beautiful full one (because I like that in a tree) but this year I decided to let the kids have some in their bedrooms and I wanted a few tiny ones for downstairs as well.  So off we went to go and hunt for our trees!  It really did not take us very long, the trees are so cute and compact and perfect for what we needed them for, and there is always an abundance of them, but each of the girls picked one out and I picked a few and we cut them and brought them back for Mason, Mocha, and Chad to inspect (for they had stayed at the car waiting on us girls)!!  We had a wonderful time and now they are all set up and decorated and I will post pictures of that soon! But for now you can see the ones of our adventure for the day!

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