Friday, January 27, 2012

Took these on the way to Anchorage the other day to pick up a friend!  It was only -31 below out!!!  Emma came with me for an eye exam and we found out that she is a little far sighted so she was having trouble reading....since then she has really taken off!  I also think it has helped having a tutor to work with Emma and Madison, just because they don't argue with her as much!  Anyway we spent the night in a wonderful hotel on the 15th floor with amazing views went to the doc. and then headed home!  Our weeks have been busy and weekends even more so...the girls had a swim meet last weekend and they have another one next weekend!  They have been working really hard to improve their times so this next meet will be exciting to watch.  Heidi and Mason have been taking swim lessons again and they are both swimming really well.  It won't be too long before they get onto the swim team too!  Chad has been going to Ju Jitsu for several hours most week nights and enjoying it, although he is often pretty sore...  Overall we are trying to stay warm in the fridgid temperatures....thankful that they are not the -75 with windchill that the northslope has!!! 

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