Thursday, February 09, 2012

These last few weeks have been busy and full of events and places for people to be driven.  In addition to Cecile, our exchange student, we had a friend from MT staying with us for a few weeks!  It made our house just that more exciting, and we did not lack in the entertainment department.  On any given night there were about 10-15 people in our house!  The kids have swimming and swim meets, and swim lessons for the younger two.  We are in awana's and Chad is doing Ju Jitsu 5 nights a week for 2-3 hours a night.  Cecile joins him when she can, otherwise she is dancing on her school dance team!  Then there are weekend rentals that Chad works and and various activities for the kids to run off too!  Yes we lead a very full and exciting schedual, and we try to fit our school work and housely chores in there somewhere as well.  I am working hard at getting my photos ready for next July for my art show at the coffee shop, and in the process getting my website with pictures up and prices so they could be purchased if someone wanted to, and with that of course is also my facebook page which is just waiting now for my website to be finished.  I am so thankful for my sister and her help setting it all up for me!!!  And on top of that I have started another business with DoTerra Essential Oils.  I have a website for that as well as a facebook page and now am spreading the word!  They are amazing oils that really work with your body to help you become healthy.  My favorite is the oil blend called On Gaurd that has helped our family fend off colds and sickness.  Now it is not a magical cure all by any means, but when our family was hit by this horendous flu bug that was going around, instead of being really really sick for over a week like a lot of our friends, we were only kind of sick for a day or two.  This stuff has been tested in hospitals and has been proven to kill infections as tough as staph and MRSA!  I am truely sold.  :)  If you ever have any questions about these oils please don't hesitate to ask! 
Anyway last week we were in the midst of several blizzards and lots of snow, and after much snow removal we are now in the high 30's for temps this week!  The kids are a little sad, they don't think winter should leave us quite this soon, but I keep telling them this is only temporary.....we will get more snow soon.  We always do! I always have to laugh because Cecile keeps asking when all the snow is going to be gone, and I respond like the end of April!  She squawks just a little at this and then's ok I like the snow! :)  We really have enjoyed having her here with us! 

Mason on his last jump off the diving board.....last of at least 5!  He was amazing this set of lessons and he passed level 1 and is ready for level 2!  He loves to be in the water swimming just like his big sisters!!

Heidi swimming to the edge at her last swim lesson....she passed level 2 and will start level 3 end of March!

Sunrise the morning of the meet after a whole lot of snow got dumped on us!

Emma and Madison's Swim Team at a home meet.....getting geared up for the start!

Just a few of the oils DoTerra offers!

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