Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Has Arrived!??!

Today starts another season of summer camps, as all the campers arrive for our disability camp at Lakeside, primary camp at wagon train, and junior/jr.high wilderness camp!  Lots of kids, lots of fun, and hopefully lots of opportunities for sharing the gospel with them.  Emma and Madison will attend horse camp next week and then we have family comming for much of July, and THEN 2 of my children will fly away for a few months with my parents to Montana and hang out with them and ride horses and camp!  Our summer is full of exciting things to come, hikes planned,swim team, swimming in the lake, fishing trips, beach time, races, family, Wednesday market booth, selling doTERRA, my photos up in our local coffee shop for the month of July, and camping!  We are hoping that all of you with 90+ degree weather will share or just send it all our way as we are getting of to...well no many of us feel summer has bypassed us and we have already started our fall.....We are all just a little ready for many days of sun! 
this is the project of revamping our sewer system at our home

this is after they were all done, but my yard is a little muddy!!  However the newly leveled yard down the hill will be awesome for future ballfield games!

Emma and I's view of Anchorage on the eve of our Triathlon.....Emma's first full tri that she did!

Our dog Mocha getting dressed up at a little "dog" party that a friend of ours put on for all her friends to bring their dogs to!  We all had a good time despite getting rained out!

This is why our sky has been looking like for the last 6 weeks.  While we have had a sunny day or two in there, it has mostly been cloudy, rainy and cold.

Sunrise at 5:30am....I had not been able to sleep and was working on the computer at 5am when I looked up and saw the sky getting all pink.  I decided to drive around and find a good place to watch the sun comming up and ended up down at Wagon Train and the lake nearby!  I was able to get some amazing pictures!

Was able to do the tile in the kitchen by myself since there was not anyone available to do it for me!  Chad did the tile cutting, but I scraped the linolium off and then put all the tile and grout in!!!  I am really happy with most of grout is starting to come out due to a little movement in a few of the tiles.....I don't know what I am going to do about it....but anyway it was ok for my first time!!!

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