Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Phoenix Arizona, April 18-22

On my trip to Arizona, I went there to sell doTERRA essential oils at a women's convention.  I had a wonderful time with my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the flowers, heat, and oh more heat!  It was 104 degrees all 5 days!!!  I know to some people that is overdoing it with the heat, but I was coming from temps in the mid 30's and 40's and a really long and cold winter, and it was just what I wanted!  To be warmed instantly when you walk out into the sun was refreshing and I soaked it up.  The first day I was there, my friend and I went to Olive Creek Mill and had lunch and sampled many fresh olives :)  definitely a highlight of the trip!  We also walked around the Desert Botanical Gardens entrance....but at 18 per person to get in we just observed from a distance! LOL The rest of our stay was spent setting up our booth and working it over the weekend.  While it was fun it was also a somewhat painful learning experience, and we probably won't be doing an Expo again.  We will do health fairs, and our local farmers markets and such, and our personal classes as they seem to be much more fulfilling and easier on the pocketbook! :)   

At Olive Creek Mill

One of the buildings that was being built next to the convention center, that looked to be covered entirely by copper!!  I am not sure that was the actual material they were using, but it looked like it, and if it was I can not imagine the expense of it!

The last morning that we were in Phoenix since I was up at 4am already taking one of my friends to the airport, my other friend and I decided to drive up one of the mountains around Phoenix to watch the sunrise.  It was such a wonderful experience even if it as early I was thankful to experience this with my friend and see God's creation at dawn!

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