Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Walk Down the Beach

We had a wonderful walk on the beach last Thursday evening. We actually walked a little over 2 miles!! Along the way we saw drift wood from the Kenai River in the ocean, and we saw ducks that were swimming in the ocean that came up to the beach when called to be fed by a family that had bread for them. We watched the sun go down and collected lots of rocks!


Anonymous said...

Wow- I love all the pictures! Thanks for capturing the late summer Alaskan beauty. What a great place to live:)

Cranberry Hill said...

I like the one of Emma and Madison, it just seems to capture them so sincerely. And I like the grass one and the dark tree one those are cool.

The Dancing Pen said...

I like the one of the house! WOW! And the one of Mason, he's so cute!