Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adventure #3 Hidden Creek Trail

Today...yes today I got all my pictures to load in about 2 hours!! I know it is still a long time....but we are seeing some improvement! :)  Anyway, today Crystal and I took the kids to Hidden Creek Trail to hike and the day was mostly beautiful for it!  We did get a down pour once we were at Skilak lake, but we found a wonderful tree that kept us all dry.  The kids threw rocks in the lake for a while, and then we continued on the loop back up to the van and headed home!  The trip was about 2.6 miles this time around, and the furthest that we have taken the kids on a hike.  Most of them did very well, and while we had squables and the occasional youngster wanting to be carried, they all did very well!

Most of the group

The group minus me and Elijah, who was in the stroller

we are not sure why this milage is given, since just a 100ft down the trail it says 2.6 miles....
being silly on a rock


staring into a pond

Ahh the walking stick....Crystal and I are not so fond of the walking fact we pretty much hate them!!!  Many fights are caused by walking sticks, and then there is the constant finding of new walking sticks that make us stop every 3 seconds!!!


Skilak Lake

Throwing rocks.....

sitting under our "protection" eating while we wait out the rain

that little mark by his eye is a wound from the rock was accidentally launched in his direction :(  He is fine though, as long as you don't bring it up!

Hiking buddies

At the end waiting for the others to catch up

Had to get a picture of me in there too, just to show that I do go on the hikes :) So here is Crystal and I still smiling after finishing another great adventure!

Emma stole Zechary's hat and she looks quite cute in it!

That looks sums up how the kids were feeling after the hike....They were very tired!  I think they will sleep well tonigh!

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