Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fourth of July

 Every year for the 4th of July we have our Family Camp, and on the 4th we have the country fair, which my children look forward to every year.  They are fairly certain that if we were to miss the country fair that the world just might come to an end.  One of their favorite things to do when they get to the fair is to get their faces painted, and this year was no exception.  Other fun things to do are the fun jump for the kids 5 and under, the bungee run, the climbing mountain, funnel cakes, ball toss, ring toss, horse riding, carrige rides, and of course dinner, to name a few!   
One of my favorite people who came up as a councelor from Montana! :)  My kids love her to death...literally!
Heidi and Mason walking to the country fair.  I alwyas love the balloon archway that greets you so cheery like.

supposed to be a cheeta....

also supposed to be a cheeta.....I think it looks a little like a yellow dalmation! LOL

Heidi went with a simple heart....and Mason wanted nothing to do with the face paint!

He went fishing for a toy instead!
This is what Chad does on the fourth....He cooks the burgers and brawts.  The other two guys facing us are the camp cooks, and the guy with his back to us is the camp director! 

Climbing Mountain

see even adults can have fun on the bungee run!   Although it is not fair when one has a leg over their rope so they can not reach as far!!!

A balloon that was lost
Mason and Heidi spent a good amount of time jumping all day

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