Friday, July 08, 2011

Across the Lake Swim and Other Water Activities July 5, 2011

Tuesday was a gorgeous day and the kids and I had fun doing water activities.  Chad watched the kids for me while I swam across the lake, which is a 900 yard swim (1/2 mile) and then the kids went swimming for the rest of the afternoon.  I got some great pictures of my friends going off the blob and the rope swing, showing flair while in the air! :)  We all had fun and were tuckered out by the time bed time rolled around!

These are my friends, and we decided that the winner of the across the lake swim would get coffee from everyone else!  Catherine, who is on the far right won, and is happily sipping coffee from the rest of us! :) 

This is Catherine jumping onto the blob!

Farrah being blobbed into the air :) 

Craig, about to blob Catherine
she goes up....

and she fell down.....hard!
Then Catherine decided to do the rope swing

Perfect rope release and jump into the water!

Madison and some of her friends riding the wasp
Mason thoroughly enjoying the water

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