Friday, July 08, 2011


I forgot to mention that last Friday my friend Farrah and our children and I went on a little mission on Skilak Loop Road, to hide Farrah's Letterboxes.  Farrah introduced me to this fun little treasure hunt of sorts a few years back, and this is the summer that I think we are finally going to do it!  Anyway, letterboxing dates back to the 1800's over in England and you can read all about it at if you would like, as well as look up places to find some that have been hidden in your area! 

On Bottenintnin Lake....the kids loved the lake and wanted to go and touch all the lillie pads!

Mason and I waiting in Hidden Creek Campground while the others found a spot to hide one of the letterboxes on top of  very large rock....which is why he did not go up! :)
The gang after hiding a letterbox up high

A nice little black bear walking across the road as we headed home!

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