Saturday, July 09, 2011

Halibut/Silver Salmon Fishing Trip in Seward Alaska

Thursday Chad, our friends Gary and Judy Anderson, Craig and Catherine went halibut fishing in Seward.  They left at 4:30am to get to the boat by 6:30am for an early start, and got in to Seward by 5:30 that evening.  Crystal and I along with 7 of our 11 kids (4 of them were at primary camp) drove to Seward at 2pm so we could do a little hike and play at the playground before we met up with the fishing crew.  We did a little hike to see Exit Glacier (1 mile) and we thought about doing a longer one, but decided the kids would have more fun at the park.  We were there only a few minutes when the guys called and said they were in and to hurry over to the filleting tables.   Catherine had caught the biggest fish of the group and it weighed in at 74lbs and they wanted us the kids to see it before they cut it all up!  The group caught all their halibut but one, and they were able to get their limit in silver salmon as well!  When the fish was taken in to be packaged we headed out to eat and then picked up the fish and headed home!  The kids and the adults were tired and all went straight to bed! :)

P.S. I gave Chad the camera so he could take pictures of the trip.....and well he missed the whales and pretty much everything else, so I probably wont be giving him the camera again any time soon! LOL

Catherine smiling about her catch

The gang with their fish....well most of it at least!
Mount Marathon

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