Friday, July 15, 2011

Our adventure #4 Quartz Creek

On Wednesday my friend Farrah and I headed to Cooper Landing to a little campground called Quartz Creek.  It sits along the edge of Kenai Lake, and so we made a few snacks to bring with us to have a picnic, sit on the rocky beach, throw rocks, and do some wading.  After that we went on a bike ride around the campground and then came back for some cake, more wading and more throwing rocks before packing up and heading home.  The day was nice and sunny and even quite hot and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Kenai Lake

getting ready to bike

you can see that Farrah has dessert by the crowded circle of kids! :)

all that was left of mason by the end of the day......aka swimming sans clothes :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Mason's clothes- cute! Sounds like you are enjoying the outdoors a lot this summer!! Thanks for always posting so much, its really good to see how you are all doing:) ~Jen