Monday, February 27, 2012

Snow and Snowshoeing

Over the course of 30 hours we got about 18 inches of snow, and so today as it was finishing up my friends and I went out snowshoeing through the woods!  We had a great time, and it was great exercise, and now I need money for another new toy I found that I love! Haha.  Snowshoeing was a blast and I am ready for more.  I have been invited a couple of times to go with people, but have not gotten myself a pair yet.  I have also done a bit of crosscountry skiing in the last couple of weeks now that our temperatures are above zero again.  It is such a nice way to get out and enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors, while getting in excellent exercise as well.  My kids do well at home by themselves for the hour that I am gone, and so far no one has been harmed or injured while I am away!  (much to my delight) :)  So nice to know that my two oldest are getting old enough to do an ok job at babysitting!

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